Friday, December 28, 2007

Artist Statement

Artist Statement
I am inspired by everything in my life, the experience of living in the San Francisco Bay area and trying to make a living within the framework of my passions; Art, music and horses (I train horses and teach classical riding). I draw my work from the place where I exist in the moment.
This is reflected in the medium and style that is delivered to the viewer. My influences are varied, from the paintings of Kahlo and Rivera, Ossario, Picasso, and Alex Katz, to the modern influences of Allyson Hollingsworth, Tony Scherman and Judith Kindler. I work towards the moment within the painting or drawing, the balance of dark and light and the tension created by color defining line and shape.

I use a variety of mediums depending on the type of feeling I am attempting to capture in two dimensions. Oil painting expresses the narrative and captures the energy within the story, or the depiction of everyday life, the luminescence of Casein paint conveys the life within the face of a portrait, and encaustic paint mixed with photos and assemblage is essential to me in relaying the expression of spirit and emotion.

Photography has been a new challenge and I am excited to be able to use this medium in my experimentation and development. Photographic influences are many but Diane Arbus and William Eggleston stand out.