Impressions of the natural world with mythological imagery unite the variety of mediums employed in Christine's work

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Check out Web Pages

I have updated my web pages with artwork that you may or may not have seen.
Check out my website: Christine Rossi Art and Ideas
You can also view my work on the Ovation TV website (which has photographs as well as paintings). Just click on: Ovation TV Community: cmaerossi
If you don't get to my page, just type in cmaerossi into the search function.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...and one more...

This one evolved out of earlier, more tame "Cassandra" paintings.
"The Prophecy of Cassandra"
Oil on Canvas.

More new stuff

The second painting is slightly "three dimensional".
"Crosses:Hills" inspired by the crosses on the hill in Lafayette, CA.
Oil and recycled wood on canvas.

New Paintings, in a slightly new direction

The month of August has been busy, have been working on new paintings that are slightly different for me. Still representational, but more abstracted. Two "landscapes" and an abstracted figure based on an earlier more representational piece.
I have entered them in a juried show...we will see if anything gets in...
Here goes:
This one is called "Crosses:Bridges" oil and casein on canvas.

Sample Art

A Meditation Through the Wisdom Mandala

Mandala of the Divine Feminine