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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Selections From Current Project to Be Shown in Brooklyn NY

Prints from my new project "The Fall" have been selected to be shown at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn NY the weekend of April 14th and 15th. 

"He rears from the Burning Pool"
(16" X 12" Archival Print on Canvas)

Three prints from my illustrations for "Paradise Lost" will be on display for the "Paradise Lost Collectors Weekend" coinciding with the 52nd Antiquarian Book Fair being held in New York in April. See below for more information.

Paradise Lost Collectors Weekend
And Antiquarian Books and Art Exhibit
April 14 & 15, 2012
PLUS, The Annual WCIAL Dinner

April 14th Schedule:
2 PM Admission $10:  Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser, major collector of Milton's Paradise Lost books, art and related materials. He will be exhibiting some of his coveted collections. 

6 PM  $50 Per Person: The Williamsburg Circle of International Arts and Letters Annual Dinner and Open Meeting in the Grand Reception Hall, gorgeously replete with old master paintings and historic displays.
"The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have asked me to thank you for your kind invitation to attend a Special Preview on 14th April 2012...and have asked that I pass on their best wishes for the success of the exhibition." Major Pete Flynn, PARA, The Equerry to TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

“Thank you for your kind letter of February 6th regarding the Williamsburg Circle of International Arts and letters. I am pleased and grateful to be invited to the first event on April 14th...I am sure it will be a great success." Thomas P. Campbell, Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art 

A Special Display of Terrance Lindall's  

The Paradise Lost Elephant Folio is a hand-embellished and gold illuminated 13 x 19 inch book containing 14 full-page color 1000 dpi prints with 23.75 carat gold leaf hand painted pictorial borders on Crane archival paper.

“  ‘The Paradise Lost Elephant Folio,’ …is amazing; it is the culmination of Terrance Lindall’s life’s devotion to Milton, to Paradise Lost, and to all that Milton represents and his great epic means.  Because of Lindall’s supreme dedication and artistic achievements, Milton will live in yet another new age, brought to life in refreshingly new ways, made “relevant” in remarkably profound ways.  Because of Terrance Lindall, great new numbers of readers will be attracted to Milton and his profound epic than would otherwise, most assuredly, have been the case.” Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser
Featured artists:
Bienvenido Bones Banez Jr., Robert Beal & Dario Rivarossa
Guest Artists
Miya Ando, Stephen Auslender, Alan F. Beck, Philip Catania, Troy Frantz, Jacek Gulla, Amy Hertog, Janet Hoffman, Estelle Levy, John Lloyd, Mark Mullfinger, Christine Rossi, Larry Scaturro, Agniezka Szyfter, Torie Tiffany, Jania Vanderwerff, Courtney Lee Weida

Sample Art

A Meditation Through the Wisdom Mandala

Mandala of the Divine Feminine