Impressions of the natural world with mythological imagery unite the variety of mediums employed in Christine's work

Monday, March 25, 2013

Solo Show Opening At Cafe Arrivaderci in San Rafael, CA

A Room of Curiosities

Make a trip to San Rafael California, enjoy some wonderful Italian food at Cafe Arrivaderci and take a look at my room of Curiosities, paintings, mixed media and small curiosity boxes. All around the theme of the Wunderkammer or Room of Curiosities, borrowed from the display rooms of the nobility and merchant class during the  European Renaissance. The Wunderkammer was the bridge between the world of religion and superstition and the world of science. Wunderkammers evolved into the beginnings of museums of art and science,  and the carnival side show on the other extreem.
The art in this show takes in two related themes,  the Mythology of the fall, and the science of the modern "Fall" in the loss of our Paradise in the form of environmental degradation. The images can be beautiful, haunting, humorous and disturbing and all are inviting you to draw your own conclusions.

The art is on display in the front dining room 
by the main entrance

March 30th through April 25th

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