Impressions of the natural world with mythological imagery unite the variety of mediums employed in Christine's work

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Post Holiday Sale

Post Holiday Sale At ChristineRossiArt Studio

First Saturday in January (Jan. 5)  from 12PM to 5PM

Original art 20% off 
Paintings and digital prints

"The Seed" oil & encaustic on wood 11 X 14

"Emma" Oil on Canvas 20" X 24"

"Emerald" Oil on Canvas 36" X 24"

2547 Eighth Street, Berkeley CA . Bay 3. Studio 31 . (510)551-8283

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Last Weekend of Holiday Open Studios! 

December 22 and 23 from 11AM to 6PM

Holiday art cards, original art under $100 and prints available. 

I also have e-gift cards available for those who want to give art but aren't sure what is right for the giving!

 ChristineRossiArt E-CARDS


Also available! The wonderful book 
by Lama Tsultrim Allione "Wisdom Rising" 
the inspiration for many of my most recent works. 
Meditations on the Elemental Wisdom Dakinis

Elemental Dakini (Encaustic on Wood 12" Square)

Christine Rossi Art at the Sawtooth Building * Studio 31 2547 Eighth Street, Berkeley CA 94610510-551-8283

Friday, December 7, 2018


Join Us for Our Third Weekend of Holiday Open Studios

We have small works for under $300 available as well as seasonal cards

Small Works

Horse Dance 1 (mixed media 11 X 14)

The Earth is A Jewel 2 ( mixed media 12 X 12)

Seasonal Cards ( a few examples with many more designs available)

Open Saturday and Sunday 11 to 6
Christine Rossi Art . Studio 31  2547 8th Street, Berkeley California 94610

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Annual Holiday Open Studios

Holiday Open Studios Starts this Weekend

Lately I have been working through the Wisdom Mandala and my art through the images that have been emerging onto wood and canvas.

Not everything is visionary and esoteric! 
In celebration of the season we are once again opening up the studio for the Holidays!

Aside from Corvids and Mandalas, I have some lovely whimsical pieces. "The Seed" and "Horse Dance I & II"  (11 x14 inches, mixed media.) Images are below.

"A Seed"
Horse Dance I

Horse Dance II
 I also have a variety of greeting cards with popular images from the past as well as some new ones that are unique to my way of looking at the world. 

If you want art but have a small budget, decorate your refrigerator with post card size magnetic prints! 

Come join us at the Sawtooth for Small Business Saturday and for every weekend leading up to Christmas.

Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios 

November 24 through December 23: 11AM to 6PM

The Sawtooth Building
2547 8th Street
Studio 31
Berkeley California

Monday, November 12, 2018

Meditations on the Wisdom Mandala

The mandala of the 5 Wisdom Dakinis, mixed media 12" X 12" 

with seed syllables

Monday, October 29, 2018

Painting #3 of the Wisdom Dakinis

Latest Addition to the Dakini Paintings

I have continued to travel through the Mandala stopping at Fire and the South.
Magnetizing, alluring, discerning: the qualities of the Embodied Feminine Wisdom of this direction. Like the other finished pieces, images were taken from those women that I found somehow embody the positive qualities of the elemental direction.

"Discerning Wisdom" Oil on Canvas

Friday, October 5, 2018

Journey through the Wisdom Mandala

The journey through the Wisdom Mandala Continues 

"Wisdom of Equanimity" oil on Canvas 34" X 40"

This is the second in five paintings on the divine feminine found in the Mandala of the Dakinis.
The position on the Mandala is south and the element associated with the image is Earth.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Journey through the Wisdom Mandala

Dear fellow travelers and art lovers:
I have been inspired to create paintings and collages these past few months from meditations on the divine feminine through the work of Lama Tsultrim Allione. These paintings and collages incorporate my interpretations of the 5 Wisdom Dakinis and their physical, psychic, emotional and elemental qualities. All pieces are open to your own personal experiences and some may turn out to be interactive. Please stay tuned for postings of finished works as they emerge. 

All new work will be available for viewing and purchase at the Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

ALBATROSS movie by Chris Jordan Finally in Release!

I Have Been Waiting for the Release of this 

movie for a long time!

ALBATROSS by Chris Jordan has been in the making for many years and is a lyrical, heartbreaking documentary on the plight of the Albatross on Midway Island and the Pacific Gyre. The human romance with all things made of plastic has created an environmental crisis of staggering proportions in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...and the canary in the coal mine is the residents of Midway Island and other Islands were many species of Albatross breed and raise their young. They cannot differentiate between floating plastic debris, which extends for miles and miles, and their natural food of squid and fish so they fish out the plastic, take it back to their nests and feed it to their young with tragic results.
Please watch the screening on July 12 or download the movie for free if you cannot make it to the screening. Support efforts to stop the use of throw away plastic and donate to organizations that are involved in Ocean cleanup!

This labor of love by Chris Jordan was the inspiration for art on this terrible ongoing tragedy in 2014 and to this day...

Monday, May 14, 2018

New Work To See During the East Bay Open Studios

Available at East Bay Open Studios, 

June 2 & 3 and June 9 & 10

2547 8th Street . Studio 31 . Berkeley CA

Vajra Yogini - Dakini of Fire (12" X 12" Oil, mixed media on panel)

Dakini of Space (12" x12" oil & objects on panel)

Sunday, April 22, 2018

New Work for Viewing During East Bay Open Studios

The New East Bay Open Studios Coming in June

Stop by to view new work created since January 2018 (first 2 weekends in June)

Crows, Ravens, and Abstract Meditations on the Elemental Forces in the Natural World

Elemental Boxes, mixed media

"Connection" ink, oil pastel and paint on paper on panel

Open Saturday and Sunday, June 2 & 3, June 9 & 10 from 11AM to 6PM

Sample Art

A Meditation Through the Wisdom Mandala

Mandala of the Divine Feminine