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Sunday, June 17, 2018

ALBATROSS movie by Chris Jordan Finally in Release!

I Have Been Waiting for the Release of this 

movie for a long time!

ALBATROSS by Chris Jordan has been in the making for many years and is a lyrical, heartbreaking documentary on the plight of the Albatross on Midway Island and the Pacific Gyre. The human romance with all things made of plastic has created an environmental crisis of staggering proportions in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...and the canary in the coal mine is the residents of Midway Island and other Islands were many species of Albatross breed and raise their young. They cannot differentiate between floating plastic debris, which extends for miles and miles, and their natural food of squid and fish so they fish out the plastic, take it back to their nests and feed it to their young with tragic results.
Please watch the screening on July 12 or download the movie for free if you cannot make it to the screening. Support efforts to stop the use of throw away plastic and donate to organizations that are involved in Ocean cleanup!

This labor of love by Chris Jordan was the inspiration for art on this terrible ongoing tragedy in 2014 and to this day...

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