Impressions of the natural world with mythological imagery unite the variety of mediums employed in Christine's work

A Process in my Journey through the Wisdom Mandala

Some of the earlier works are more representational and follow a more traditional look such as the Machig Labdron and Prajna Paramita pieces which are done with acrylic on canvas sheets and mounted in frames with collage embellishments.

Prajna Paramita 

Other pieces are more abstract such as these two earlier pieces which are on oil and resin on canvas or wood and measure 12 X 12 inches. 

Vajra Yogini
Buddha Mandala

The latest pieces are more spontaneous and employ both abstract and representational elements.

The Vajra Dakini: Element of Water (oil on wood)

Karma Dakini: Element of Air (oil on Canvas)
Through the Jewel (oil on wood)
The Wish Fulfilling Jewel (oil on wood)

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